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Izaya x Reader Can't Monsters Love? Part 13
I could still feel my body convulsing with Punishment, but now it wasn’t so strong with my sense of defiance back into play. I grasped for the ground even though I knew that I would be suspended in air from all the power that pulsated because of me. I forced myself into a vertical position, moving as though I was treading water. Through the heartbeats, I forced myself to calm down, to separate the pain from my body.
This hadn’t been the first Punishment that I had received recently that actually overpowered my abilities, but I was beginning to learn how to fight them. But I was already at a weak point with not feeding in preparation of a Punishment. I should have prepared more, earlier. But, I can’t dwell on that now, I need to regain control before I accidently kill the person who is placing this barrier. The very least that I can do is select certain powers that will strength his or her power or will contain me better than they are doing.
I move my arms out as if to
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Izaya x Reader Can't Monsters Love? Part 12
My eyes flew open from the pain and hearing myself scream.  With quick breathing, I looked around me. My heartbeat was so strong but it was nothing compared to feeling as though every atom of my being having a heartbeat of its own. Not even a simple, normal heartbeat, but that of one when your heart being broken. Another scream escaped my lips and all the hearts convulsed again. The pain and the burning unleashed my control over my powers. I could feel it lashing out against something. I tried to focus my eyes on what I could possibly be killing, fear and pain cinching my sides.
All around me I saw what looked like sheets of metal shaped into a small dome. Every time one of my powers banged against the metal, the metal would shine a faint yellow. I was killing someone…by draining his or her powers…
Again fear had stricken me. I need to regain control. I needed to regain control NOW…
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Izaya X Reader Can't Mosters Love? Part 11
~~~~~~ Simon’s POV~~~~~~~~
“Nadrid!” I shouted as I grabbed onto her collapsing body.  I lifted her, slinging her over my shoulder, running as
quickly as I could through the never ending crowds of people. My only thought was that if I ran far enough that I’d
happen upon an area that wasn’t populated. I hadn’t had to deal with a punishment for decades so I never even
thought of finding a place that I could use for them.
I ran for what seemed like an hour, finally chancing on storage facility. Nadrid’s  body heat rose, suppressing the
power of another punishment. The Nadrid I knew could withstand thousands of punishments without a single
drop of sweat. This was the first I had ever seen her be unable to control her powers.
Scaling the fence bordering the facility, I held onto Nadrid tightly, feeling her powers starting to seep out of her
body.  As a __________ given the power to shield, I circled her with a containing shell, making
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Izaya x Reader Can't Monsters Love? Part List
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England x Reader You Changed Too Much Part 3
     “Hey, Joseph?”
     “What’s up? Something wrong?”
     “I couldn’t stay with Arthur….”
     “You can stay with me till you get your own place.”
     “Thank you. Are you there or do I have to find the spare key?”
     “Actually I’m on my way back, should be there in ten or so minutes, but if you’re back before me you’re welcome to use the key.”
     “Okay. Thanks, I’m getting some coffee. Would you want me to get you anything?”
     “Sure, just the usual for me. I’ll see you there.”
     Even with your things in your bags and a temporary place secured you couldn’t believe that you finally left. You honestly never thought you’d actually leave him. You loved him. You’d been through so much. Y
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Izaya X Reader Can't Mosters Love? Part 10
I looked for her on every camera, checked with every one of my informants, even looked under my bed, yet I could not find her anywhere! Oh my Human! Where on this planet are you! You shouldn’t have been able to leave Earth so you should be on this planet. I know nothing about you so you can be anywhere, even a different country already for all I know! How come I don’t know!? How come nobody knows!?
      “Agghhhhhhhh!!!!” I yelled, exasperated about feeling so worried about a human. “Where are you, _____________ ______________?!”
        ~~~~~~~POV switch~~~~~~~~
       “Hey, Semyon….” I say when I find myself at his restaurant again. My sight of him swayed a bit.
        He stopped shouting, looking at me he whispered, worried,” Nadrid.”
        “I don’t understand what is happening righ
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 24 13
Look Closer
Look closer, look closer
Do you see the blue I bleed?
Travel in, further
Into my nightmares
See the thoughts that of which condemn me
That drags me into my own destruction
Love me; see me for who I am, who I will be
Fix me, I don't remember being whole
Free me, when was I ever free?
That gray, do you smell it?
That perfume like freshwater and rusted iron?
It's filling my lungs, tickling my head
Its residue burns like fire, smeared all over my hands
But the taste, a sour dream, a sweet nightmare
It slips down my throat, sending me on a high
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 1 5
A piece of my life
A piece of my life
I’ll choose to explain
I used to be so open
So forgiving
To everyone
No matter what you did to me
Ignored me
Told me countless lies
Pushed me down
Pulled my hair
Made fun of me
Broke my things
Sat on me
Hit me
Hurt what I loved
Hated me
Choked me
Almost drowned me
!@#$%^&* me
I’d always forgive you
Hoping that you’d give me some affection
Wishing that you’d love me for once
I’d try again and again
Always trying for the best
No matter how hurt I was
No matter how sad I was
Then one day
I gave up
You wouldn’t change
So I stopped
Telling you the truth
Trying to have you accept me
Saying my real opinion
Asking for your help
Believing that I was worth anything
Wishing you’d love me
Hoping for affection
I saw that I was alone
That no one had bothered to try for me
So I built a prison
One on the edge of everyone around me
One that would stop me from
Trying to reach out again
I was young
So the prison was weak
But as time passed
My p
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 1 5
Are You Among Us?
To those whom experienced this supernatural pain
To those whom experienced something as terrifying as this
To those whom experienced an emotion that surpassed your understanding of this world and yourself
Join me in this reunion of fallen parts, of broken pieces.
There is much we can’t deny that we wish too
There is much we have to struggle through in order to live
There is much we cannot escape from if we want peace, or love
Those things we wish didn’t exist will always be there
The throbbing feeling which we deemed “pain” spreads throughout our bodies as we come together
We must fight against it though we’ve no clue what it is
“Die with me” you say
Then we must throw you with the weak, with the dead
We must draw this “pain” out of us with real pain
We must drain out the “humanity” from within us
Yet for the weak, the dead, we miss you
We miss you more than we thought we could
So we continue to fight in memory of you
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 1 1
Understand That This me Is Something YOU Created
Torn out, crumpled and lost
My love for myself
Gone long ago
It was a choice you made for me
And one I wish you hadn't
I hate myself
I wish I were dead
You made me like this
with your words .... your actions
I wonder why I still have a heartbeat...
I wonder why I haven't taken the gun to my head
Why I haven't swallowed the pills
Why I haven't drowned
To leave, to love...
....I can't love
There is none in me
There is none for me
All these scars
You won't stop
I do not cry
I can not cry
It's all the same
Snide remarks
Shacking fists
Sharp words
I hate myself
I'm worse than dirt
I'm worse than you
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 0 7
I Hate You
Push away
Stay away
The fear, the pain
I'm human
So disgusting
Happy, when I forget
Suicidal, when I remember
Fade away, my existence
Oh, wait
I'm human
I don't have the right
It was stolen the moment I was given
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 0 11
Masky X Reader! Oh Forgetful You! Part 1
Your POV
   Lifting up your hand, you stared as the red liquid in the palm of your hand started to separate. You looked up
surprised to find that it was raining. You lower your sight again, mesmerized by the lumps of flesh that still had
blood oozing out of it. A smile plays at your lips, then what has happened hits you. Your heart freezes. Panicked
you stand up, feeling lumps of flesh fall off of you and splash in the mixture of rain and blood.
   'I did it again..... I killed someone again!' You turn to your right, just about to run that direction but large
masses of flesh stop you. You turn to your left but even more body parts stop you.
   'How many did I kill?' You stop processing your surroundings and decide to run the only way you didn't look.
Branches and sharp edged leaves cut and scratch you.
   After running for who knows how long, strong arms wrap around your torso. Your breath is thrown out of your
lungs as your body continues
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 5 11
I Hate You
     The self-involved, egotistical bastard that of which I call my enemy, shamelessly plops his stuck-up behind in the seat in front of me.
     I groan internally, placing my forehead into my palm.
     "Why'd you have to sit there?" I mumble under my breath.
     ""It's not like I wanted to... I don't recognize anybody else." He whispers back.
     "Let me see your schedule then," I stretch out my hand.
     'I may as well see how many classes I'm stuck with you while I'm at it.'
     He places the white half sheet into my hand. I slip my schedule out of my folder, placing it where I can compare both.
     I groan out loud, "I only have one class you're not in. And that's just my Orchestra class... "
     "What!? Really!? Were you tying to get the same classes as me?" He whips around in his seat, reaching for both schedules. His hand accidentally gra
:iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 1 6
Izaya X Reader -Can't Monsters Love? Part 9
     ~~~Izaya's POV ~~~
     'She should be okay, right? She's with Shinra right now? He'll be able to figure out what's wrong and then _____________ _____________ will be alright and we can   talkandIcanaskher questionsandIcanfigureeverythingoutabouther'
     I pound my fist on the door before slamming it open to further announce my arrival.
     "Izaya!" Shinra exclaimed, standing as though he had jumped out of the couch. "Uhm, before you get-"
     " Where is _________ _________? You didn't let her leave, now did you?" My smile never leaving as my tone drops.
     "She ran out of here! She just ran!" He shouts as I step closer.
     "And you didn't stop her?" I tilt my head.  The sound of a horse can be heard from down the hall. As soon as I'm in arms reach of him, Celty walks through the doorway and her black shadow is around me. I'm thrown back against a side wall.
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Penguin Kisses! :iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 0 25 Belated anniversary celeb 3 :iconsilverscreams999:SilverScreams999 0 7


Rotten to the Core :iconkawacy:kawacy 13,056 279 cold inferno :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 348 21
The Black and White Paintings
Your life was full of people
Painted only in black and white,
And I was a dancing palette
So full of color I was a rainbow.
Everyone I came in contact with
Was left with a piece of me,
A color smeared all on their
Perfect white clothing and skin.
The ones I touched hated me,
And would paint over my touch
With black paint until all of me
Was completely erased in nothing.
But you let me come close
And left the smear of colors,
Reds, blues, pinks, and yellows,
On you to let them sink in.
I painted your lips brilliant red
When I kissed you breathless,
And I smeared your back with
Blues of all kinds when I loved you.
But then they stared at you
And whispered about you behind
Their black little tainted hands,
Saying that I’d ruined you.
I noticed the colors I’d left on you
Beginning to fade away slowly,
And I knew that you couldn’t stay
With me where you didn’t belong.
You were still the purest human
I’d ever met, even after loving me,
So I painted you white onc
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 19 9
She was so tiny next to me
That I felt like I might break her
Simply by holding her hand.
She assured me that she wasn’t
As fragile as I thought she was,
But that was hard to believe
When my thumb and pinky
Could meet around her wrist,
And I left bruises there
By holding just a bit too tight.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 23 11
You'd Never Notice
I'm not okay, but you'd never notice,
Probably because you only pay attention
When you need something from me.
I want to cry, but sure as hell, I wont,
I'm too proud to cry like I should,
I keep it inside until I break down,
And that's the only time you ever notice,
When it's far too late to fix anything
Between you and me.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 18 8
Friends with Benefits
What am I to you?
We were friends,
I'd like to believe
That we still are.
You were the one
Who wanted 
Nothing to change,
So why are you
Upset when I
Follow your lead
And act like
Nothing happened,
Like you wanted?
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 10 13
I want to write
My poems
On the pure canvas
Of your skin,
Using my lips
As the brush,
Bruises painting
My love for you.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 14 5
You'll Miss Me One Day
You'll miss me one day,
I know you will.
You’ll miss my laugh,
And the smell of coffee
On my sweaters.
You’ll miss the way
My glasses would slip
When I was reading,
And the conversations
About art and writing;
When we’d argue
Over abstract art
And if it meant anything
Behind the surface.
You’ll miss the way
Every day was a surprise,
New colors on my clothes,
A new piece of art on the wall.
You’ll miss the way
I could always understand
How you were feeling.
Most of all, though,
I know you’ll miss my body,
Because in the end
I was just sex
To you.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 25 11
Watercolors Don't Go Well with Hurricanes
Your love was like watercolors.
So beautiful in the moment
That purples and pinks and blues
Covered the palms of my hands,
But disappearing as soon
As the storm came.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 20 3
Shame on Me
Why do you always leave?
And more importantly,
Why do I always
Let you come back?
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 9 2
Art and Disaster
He said I was art,
But I don’t know
If he can tell
The difference
Between art
And Disaster.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 21 2
Into the Rain
Your presence teases me,
Makes me believe that I see you
Out of the corner of my eye,
Standing in the alleyways,
Or hiding behind bookshelves.
I see a glimpse of you,
And then you're gone,
Shoulders fading from view.
Something makes me follow,
Rush to where I saw you
And look wildly for another sign
That you're still here.
I follow you through storms,
Rain so fierce it's almost blinding,
Chasing your smile only
For you to turn away and disappear
Each time I think I've found you.
When I finally catch up with you,
Just when I can't go any further,
You're somewhere I can't reach you;
You're with people I don't know,
Perched high on a balcony,
Or singing in front of a crowd,
Always just out of my grasp.
Your eyes meet mine,
And you smile,
Like you're happy to see me.
But even after I've followed you
Through all the pain you led me through,
You never come down
Into the rain
To meet me.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 14 0
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I don't know what you expect from me
or why I still stay with you
I run from you in my dreams
My heart seems to break everyday
My depression just keeps pulling at me
I can't make you happy
I can't make me happy.
Everything is overwhelming
Everything seems wrong
Where did my passions go?
The antidepressants aren't helping anymore
I'm scared of what can be
I know the tears you shed
I wonder if they were real
and if you would shed them again
Guilt claws at me of the things you don't know
There's no rescue
And I'm slowly falling below
Those tears may have to spill


United States
I'm just strange that's all i can say

Current Residence: San Antonio, Texas
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Favourite cartoon character: ?
Personal Quote: what's weird is normal and what's normal is weird

Journal History

I don't know what you expect from me
or why I still stay with you
I run from you in my dreams
My heart seems to break everyday
My depression just keeps pulling at me
I can't make you happy
I can't make me happy.
Everything is overwhelming
Everything seems wrong
Where did my passions go?
The antidepressants aren't helping anymore
I'm scared of what can be
I know the tears you shed
I wonder if they were real
and if you would shed them again
Guilt claws at me of the things you don't know
There's no rescue
And I'm slowly falling below
Those tears may have to spill


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